We use AI to solve some of the world's hardest problems

Trellix aims to train thousands of software professionals using its artificial intelligence technology.

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85.2 million
global technical talent shortage by 2030
3 years
average time for a junior developer to be autonomous
hidden cost of hiring a junior developer

Our mission

Unlocking large impact for society

At Trellix, we believe that we are at a point where new technologies give us the opportunity for rapid growth and unmatched efficiency. So much repetitive work was left automated for too long. The rapid growth of technology usage has increased the demand for software professionals. This demand has led to the increase of coding schools and similar initiatives working on expanding the offer. At the same time, companies are reluctant to deal with this young and inexperienced workforce that costs too much to onboard.
Thanks to the progress of technology, and notably artificial intelligence, it is now possible to save a considerable amount of time and resources on training young talents. As a matter of fact, training young recruits is a repetitive automatable task.
This is why we decide to develop a technology that will help organizations save considerable time and resources on training their young talents while making it possible for them to recruit a lot more and scale a lot faster.

Meet the leadership team behind Trellix

Yan Dah
Chief Executive Office
Nazer Aminou
CTO & Head of Product
Jose-Carlos Hounsou
Head of Operations
Aziz Akintayo
Steve Lima
Business Development
Ralph Gnonlonfoun
Product & Design

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